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KABGA Photo Album 2011

We'll post photos here of our various events... click images to open a larger image in a new window


October 2011 Kokomo-Con

KABGA presented the board games library at Kokomo's very own Kokomo-Con!

iPhones are great for looking up rules online...  We're playing The Politics of Cannibals, or T.P.O.C., a great little independent board game! If you're a Settlers of Catan fan (and if you're not, you SHOULD be) check out this custom table at www.tableofcatan.com   Memoir '44 is a very accessible tabletop war game!  Easy to learn and fun to play!



Introducing some new gamers to Settlers of Catan and the Table of Catan.

KABGA ran several demos of the Gears of War board game at Kokomo-Con.  If you're playing Gears of War and you are not close to your squadmates, then you are in the wrong place...



Zombie Mosh demos had a full table all day long.

Our games library was 60% full the first part of the day, and 90% full after lunch! Thank you to Fantasy Flight Games-- you guys do a great job of gamecrafting! 



KABGA enjoys a terrific selection of games to share with gamers!  Thank you to the Gen Con Board Games Library!

Having a very wide selection of games (like Killer Bunnies) is a highlight of KABGA! Smallworld from Days of Wonder 



Introducing Smallworld: Underground to new players

Teaching Dominion to some young Yu-Gi-Oh players! Young adults checking out Zombie State. 



Zombie State pulls in a new group of players!

KABGA brings together new and experienced players for many different games! Gamers of all ages enjoy KABGA's games!



The Kokomo-Con let KABGA brings the love to games to some younger players!

KABGA's President's Godson enjoys Hey, That's My Fish! 



August 2011 Gen Con Indy

Half of KABGA's members attended the USA's leading hobby gaming convention, either as staff or guests!

Here's the crowd waiting for the exhibition hall to open Thursday morning. KABGA's President Jeremy playing Fantasy Flight's Talisman.  Nick, one of KABGA's Vice Presidents, pondering his grand strategy in Fantasy Flight's Twilight Imperium.



KABGA members playing Pillars of the Earth in the Board Games Library.

Mansions of Madness, also by Fantasy Flight.  We hadn't planned to focus on FFG so much, but they they just make great games! Fantasy Flight Games CEO Christian Petersen gives the "In Flight Report" on FFG's 2011-2012 projects



Just what the world needs... a non-WotC Star Wars miniatures space game!

Smallworld: Underground in the games library. Indy brewpubs theme themselves "gamer" the week of GenCon. 



Sid Meier's Civilization... an epic game of many strategies!

This is the Board Games Library a little after midnight... a room full of gaming goodness! A game likely to be a KABGA favorite... the perfect mix of BattleLore and Game of Thrones!




Summer 2011 Boy Scout Camp Event

This summer, KABGA had the opportunity to run weekly game nights at our local Boy Scout camp!

It's great to see young people excited about gaming! Sharing Smallworld with some Boy Scouts Young people crowd around for a better look!



World domination makes for a great past time... even for Boy Scouts!

Zombie-killing games are fun for boys of all ages! Take THAT zombie!  Get out of my camp dead-head!




June 2011 Game Event


Smallworld has become one of our favorite games! Our first game of Talisman.  We learned the hard way that if you move in a ring too quickly, you'll die.  :-) Playing Zombie Mosh, a pre-release game from Sinister Jester Studios.



Our very own John Stanifer showcases his published book "Virtuous Worlds!"

KABGA welcomes gamers of all ages!





May 2011 Game Event


Dual games of Twilight Imperium Mecatol Rex was hotly contested this game! In the foreground: Grand plans of conquest.  In the background:  "how many VPs do I have?"



There's something just awesome about seeing the new flagships commanding parts of the board...

I think you'd better pass Purple the dice...




April 2011 Game Event


Galaxy's Edge by Assa Games-- thanks to Assa for the donation! Sinister Jester Studio's homebrew Zombie game... re-killing the dead is always fun! New KABGA members browse our selection of games.



More zombie-killing, this time with cards!

A game-con classic favorite-- Ticket to Ride. All things are better when paired with Halo!




March 2011 Who's Yer Con, Indianapolis
KABGA is pleased to have been a Silver Sponsor of Who's Yer Con 2011


KABGA presented a 12-hour game of Twilight Imperium Friday afternoon... and evening... and night!  We're pleased to say that we FINISHED the game, all the way to 14 points! Shadows over Camelot is another favorite 
of our club.  Hey, guess what-- Nick was the traitor, and he screwed us all!  Imagine that!
Sometimes it's hard to tell who the real traitor is when other players are always acting guilty!



KABGA presents Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome.

KABGA President Jeremy Burke considers whether to win by a decisive victory or let other players believe they have a chance to win, too.  Or something like that.  Maybe he just likes the pretty pictures on the cards... We had full tables of players at nearly every game we ran over the weekend!


Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome... lots of fun and VERY different from regular "Catan" games while maintaining familiar game mechanics. Our second Twilight Imperium game of the weekend. Playing Warrior Knights with some eager new learners!  Who's Yer Con was a great place to meet fun new people!


February 2011 All-Day-Play Event


Axis & Allies Global 1940... we always find some new way to enjoy Axis & Allies! ...a face only a mother could love... When things get stressful at the Twilight Imperium table, it's "standing room only!"



Let's see here... what card can beat Nick...

Saturday all-day game events were made for Twilight Imperium!


January 2011 Game Event


One of KABGA's favorite games-- Arkham Horror, with any one of a number of expansions. KABGA adds new members almost every month! This is part one of a months-long Axis and Allies game!  Luke eventually won.



Some games require more brainpower than others..