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KABGA Photo Album 2010

These are photos of various KABGA events from 2010... click images to open a larger image in a new window


December 2010 Christmas Party


Testing the Starcraft Board Game "They're not flying reindeer, they're dreadnaughts!" How exactly awesome ARE the Protoss?



"Twilight Imperium:  Destroying well-laid plans since 1997."

KABGA enjoys a wide selection of games at all our events. Enjoying one of several Ticket to Ride editions KABGA has available for play.


Several games were given away for Christmas gifts / door prizes.



November 2010 Game Night


Taking a look at Rio Grande Games' Carcassonne.  Don't place that farmer way out there!   A new favorite-- Shadows Over Camelot.  Is this the face of a traitor?  Hint:  YES! "Why does everyone think I'm a traitor?"
"For the same reason your mom always thinks you're guilty."



Opening a new box-- Gangsters!

Shadows over Camelot got three plays this night!  It's GOT to be good! Consult the Book of Armaments rules!



Memoir '44 is a terrific, easily accessible hex-based wargame.   Here's some six-player madness!

Lord of the Rings Risk... a truce is only s strong as the will of the player who made it! Taking Omaha Beach, two movement points at a time.



Some of the games available at KABGA events.


"If I went around, saying I was an Emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!" And now, my Mumakil will stomp on your puny little horsemen!  Pew-pew!





October 2010 Game Day at the Kokomo/Howard County Library


A new game from Assa Games-- Conquest of the Fallen Lands!  Lots of fun, and easy to learn! Trying to maximize points on the last turns of the game... A small selection of games available at KABGA events.



Our first experience of Betrayal at House on the Hill.  This would obviously be the "BETRAYAL" part!!!

"I will now move my Horse Lords here and wipe out your army."


September 2010 Game Night


Risk: Halo Wars edition The classic 1980s Shogun, later known as Samurai Swords.  Terrific wargame! Playing Smallworld.  Notice the tubs of games in the background... these represent half of the games available to KABGA members.





Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers


August 2010 Gen Con Indy


KABGA had the great opportunity to help with the GenCon Board Games Library this year.  These are just a part of the library's games... Playing "Settlers of America: Rails to Trails" at the Mayfair Games booth KABGA members enjoying an evening game in their hotel room.



Enjoying dinner at Scotty's Brewhouse


"TK 421, why aren't you at your post?"
"Uh... I'm playing games at GenCon, sir..."
KABGA presented two games as part of the official GenCon events schedule


KABGA members performed a terrific scene from "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" in the GenCon Costume contest! "Zombie State" at midnight in the GenCon Board Games Library


July 2010 All-Day Game Event

KABGA's first-ever game of Agricola The reason we scheduled the day... eight-player Twilight Imperium! Members enjoying Memoir '44


July brought a record number of first-timers to our club! Our first "Smallworld" experience Wait... Axis & Allies... at KABGA?  Wow, who would've thunk it?!


Risk 2210 is one of the club's favorite "simpler" games. Truly satisfying... six hours in to TI.
The "home system formerly owned by the gray player..." and blue's last two pieces on the board!



June 2010 Game Night

Our first club experience with Age of Empires III: the Age of Discovery This is the next merchant ship Nick will win.  Because he wins them all. Four KABGA members who love little plastic colonists!


Somehow, we always wind up with a game of Axis and Allies somewhere in the room!


May 2010 Game Night

Arkham Horror... monster surges are bad... Which is cooler... the mirror shades or the black fedora? If Arkham Horror players are smiling, the game must be going VERY well!


Puerto Rico... ship corn, ship corn, ship corn!

April 2010 Game Night

Drawing yet another young person into the Axis & Allies tradition! Taking another look at a new favorite-- Arkham Horror Getting started with Shogun, 2006 edtion


"Now, we'll annex the Sudetenland" "I need more rice!"  Note the evil tower of dice-eating in the foreground... "Where can I place my piece to block my dad?"


"Hmmm... I don't think the 'wooden stick' is going to prevent me from getting sucked into this gate..." "Tora!  Tora!  Tora!"

March 2010 Game Night

Axis & Allies along with KABGA's inaugural Puerto Rico game.

Building a new generation of Axis & Allies players

"The same thing we do every day, Pinky... we're going to take over the world!"

Dang... he's Blokedus!




February 2010 All-Day Game Event

Twilight Imperium-- FANTASTIC game when you've got the time!  We scheduled today specifically to play this game!

Building a new generation of Axis & Allies players

Hmm... what do I do with my TWO war suns?

"Why are there no planets on my side of the board?"


February 2010 Game Night at St. Joan of Arc

Bohnanza... No, I don't WANT your green beans!

Scrabble with the School Principal... Are YOU  Smarter than a Fifth Grader?



January 2010 Game Night

Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight... possibly one of the club's "new favorite" games


November 2009 Game Night

Playing Risk 2150

Demoing the "Ingenious" game from Fantasy Flight

Lord of the Rings Risk... "NickKnowsGames" variant

Breaking out of Helm's Deep


August 2009 Gen Con Indy

KABGA presents an intro to "Settlers of Catan"

KABGA members enjoy "Ticket to Ride"